Get Your Semi-Truck to a Repair Shop ASAP

Call us for heavy-duty recovery in the Billings or Forsyth, MT areas

If you're driving a large vehicle and get into an accident, you can't call a car towing company. They won't have the right tools to move your heavy-duty vehicle. Instead, let the skilled team at Downtown Wrecker & Recovery handle the job.

With our heavy-duty wrecker trucks, we can tow all kinds of large vehicles. You can count on our professionals to arrive quickly, clean up the site and get your vehicle to a repair shop.

After making sure no one was hurt in the accident, call us for heavy-duty recovery in Billings, MT or surrounding areas.

Is your motor home inoperable?

Is your motor home inoperable?

When you drive across the country, you put your vehicle through a lot. If your motor home suddenly blows a tire in the Billings, MT area, contact Downtown Wrecker & Recovery for an emergency heavy-duty recovery service right away.

You can be confident that we'll arrive promptly to tow your vehicle. Our heavy-duty wrecker equipment is ideal for towing large vehicles, including:

  • RVs
  • Motor homes
  • Semi-trucks
Don't hesitate to call-no matter the hour, we're available for emergency towing services.